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FDI in East Kalimantan Worth Us$300.16 Million in Q1

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Samarinda, E Kalimantan (ANTARA News) - Foreign direct investment (FDI) in East Kalimantan was valued at US$300.16 million (Rp3.99 trillion) in the first quarter of this year.

"Foreign investors operated mainly in the mining, food processing, agriculture and gas sectors," head of the regional capital investment office Diddy Rusdiansyah said here on Thursday.

The FDI projects are found in 10 regencies/municipalities in the province, mainly in the districts of Balikpapan with investment of US$163.52 million , Kutai Timur with investment of US$65.67 million and Kutai Kartanegara with investment of US$33.94 million.

Earlier, Diddy said domestic investors operate mainly in the mining sector in the province. The mining sector accounted for 80.06 percent or Rp2.559 trillion of the total domestic investment in that province in the first quarter of this year.

"In the period of January-March this year domestic investment in East Kalimantan totaled Rp3.197 trillion and Rp2.559 trillion of the investment were in the mining sector," he said here on Wednesday.

The domestic investment projects are located in 8 locations in a number of districts in the province.

Domestic investment in the food crop plantation sector was the second largest valued at RpRp421.48 billion, followed by investment in utility sector valued at Rp139.16 billion, and timber processing industry with investment of Rp37.77 billion , and investment in food processing industry worth Rp35.77 billion.

East Kalimantan is known to be rich in mineral such as oil and gas, coal and has large oil palm plantations. (*)

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